Monday, February 6

a real gentleman

Today is a great occasion to come back to my enthuisasm about the british Sixties TV series THE AVENGERS. Patrick Macnee, who played Mr. John Steed, turns 90 today!

THE AVENGERS is one of my favourite series. On one hand, because of the great emancipated female characters that appeared in it, Honor Blackman as Cathy Gale, Diana Rigg as Emma Peel and Linda Thorson as Tara King. On the other hand, because of Patrick Macnee. Always well-dressed, handsome, charming and witty, he solves cases of shrinked tanks, speaking teddy bears and ernourmous amounts of rain.
Recently I finished reading his great autobiography "Blind In One Ear", which is touching, funny and ironic at the same time. I liked it very much and didn't really want it to end.

There are so many great videos of Patrick Macnee, that it is hard to choose one for this special occasion. For example the one that has been taken last June for the 50th Anniversary Celebration of THE AVENGERS in which he talks about the development of the series. Not forgetting the Oasis video for "Don't Look Back In Anger" in which Patrick featured. Besides there is the sweet song "Kinky Boots", sung by Patrick Macnee and Honor Blackman.
Finally, I decided to choose none of these, because the only way to celebrate this actor is to watch all seasons of THE AVENGERS and not only a few minutes of it. So, go for it!

I hope that Mr. Macnee has more wonderful years ahead and enjoys his life together with his family. All the best from Fräulein K.

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