Friday, July 25

listen to this: generationals

I first came across the band Generationals while watching Suits, this new lawyer-series (with which I definitely have to catch up soon). Their song "When they fight, they fight" was featured in one of the episodes and I liked it immediately. Nice to sing along to, nice to dance to. "Con Law", their debut album offers even more and after searching for them on Spotifiy, I completely fell in love with "Put a light on" which appeared on the Generationals most recent album, "Heza". Somehow light-hearted, motivational, relaxed, but also with potential to shake everything out to the sound of it (and sing as loud as you like to).

Saturday, July 19

the human stain in the cider house of tristram shandy

Mir geht es so, dass immer wenn ich etwas lesen MUSS, erkenne, wie schön es ist, seine Lektüre selbst auszusuchen. Versteht mich nicht falsch, ich liebe es, Literatur zu studieren und auch Texte vorgesetzt zu bekommen, die ich sonst nicht gelesen hätte. Gute Beispiele hierfür im letzten Semester waren der Roman "Caleb Williams" von William Godwin (Funfact: der Vater von Mary Shelley und Schwiegervater von Percy Bysshe Shelley) und "Ein Landarzt" und "In der Strafkolonie" von Kafka, von dem ich seit dem Abitur nichts mehr gelesen hatte. Auch auf Zeitdruck zu lesen kann mal Spaß machen. Doch wenn die Lektüre-Pflichten abgearbeitet sind, ist es schön, auch wieder etwas zum Vergnügen zu lesen.

Mein Problem hierbei ist jedoch, dass sich übers Semester einige Bücher ansammeln, die ich alle gerne sofort in Angriff nehmen würde. Zur Zeit lese ich "The Cider House Rules" von John Irving (in gutem Zustand für 2€ gebraucht gekauft), "Tristram Shandy" von Laurence Sterne (ein Überbleibsel vom letzten Wintersemester) und "The Human Stain" von Philip Roth (Belohnung für gute Hausarbeitsnoten). Des Weiteren habe ich "Fräulein Else" von Arthur Schnitzler begonnen, weil ich dachte, ich könnte die Erzählung an einem Abend durchlesen (ha-ha-ha). In der Warteschleife stehen außerdem noch "Auf Englands grünen Hügeln" von David Kennard als Reisevorbereitung, "Der Gotteswahn" von Richard Dawkins und Jane Austens "Pride and Prejudice". Bis ich es mal wieder schaffe, keine 5 Bücher gleichzeitig zu lesen, wird wohl noch ein wenig Zeit ins Land gehen.

Friday, July 18

rural england

I discovered a new series starring Dylan Moran. Well, not new, about 10 years old actually, but still new to me. And after I finished watching "Black Books", in which Moran plays Bernard Black, a grumpy bookshop owner who loves to read but hates to sell books, I was in desperate need of another British comedy series.
Despite the strange title ("How do you want me") and the cheesy intro where in the first series Moran smiles if he is on some kind of unhealthy trip, the series is pretty amazing. It is about Ian (Dylan Moran) who moves from the city into the country to be with his newly-wed wife (Charlotte Coleman). Her family is not very excited about her choice of husband and Ian is not very excited about living in the middle of nowhere.
What makes the series even better is the cast: There is not only Dylan Moran ("Run Fatboy Run") to cheer about, but also Peter Serafinowicz ("Shaun of the Dead"), Mark Heap ("Spaced") and even Marc Warren ("Hogfather") appears in a small role.

Wednesday, July 16

the six best people in the world (minus 1)

Something historic is bound to happen. This Sunday will see the last ever live show by Monty Python. You may have heard it before, because the media reported quite a bit about it - but not enough yet, in my opinion. Imagine the feeling you have when you get a present for your birthday, something you wanted for a long time. Then let's imagine that it is packed in exquisite wrapping paper and that you get it by your favourite Python, eh, person. That equals about the feeling I had when I realised that "Monty Python Live (Mostly)" is also going to be broadcast in one of the cinemas of the city where I live.
And don't come at me with "Uh, they are going to play all those old sketches and nothing new" or "They're old!" or "They're only doing it for the money". Because hell yeah, that's what is going to happen - and I think it's great. They're old, they do it for the money and they are going to play sketches which are at least 40 years old. I look forward to seeing old men in women's clothes, sketches I know by heart and laughing my socks of. I can't wait for Sunday.

Tuesday, July 15

don't you find

After regularly hearing "Sheila" on my very favourite radio station XFM and never really wondering by whom the song was, I finally looked it up a few days ago. Well, it's by Jamie T. and the glorious internet also informed me that he also made "Sticks'n'Stones" which I knew as well. Aaaand, hurray hurray, after five years of absence Jamie T. will finally bring out new songs, namely "Don't you find" which premieres today at 7pm (8pm Central European Time) on XFM. 
You should have a look at the video for "Sticks'n'Stones" - Jamie T.'s teeth are amazing.