Friday, July 18

rural england

I discovered a new series starring Dylan Moran. Well, not new, about 10 years old actually, but still new to me. And after I finished watching "Black Books", in which Moran plays Bernard Black, a grumpy bookshop owner who loves to read but hates to sell books, I was in desperate need of another British comedy series.
Despite the strange title ("How do you want me") and the cheesy intro where in the first series Moran smiles if he is on some kind of unhealthy trip, the series is pretty amazing. It is about Ian (Dylan Moran) who moves from the city into the country to be with his newly-wed wife (Charlotte Coleman). Her family is not very excited about her choice of husband and Ian is not very excited about living in the middle of nowhere.
What makes the series even better is the cast: There is not only Dylan Moran ("Run Fatboy Run") to cheer about, but also Peter Serafinowicz ("Shaun of the Dead"), Mark Heap ("Spaced") and even Marc Warren ("Hogfather") appears in a small role.

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