Wednesday, July 16

the six best people in the world (minus 1)

Something historic is bound to happen. This Sunday will see the last ever live show by Monty Python. You may have heard it before, because the media reported quite a bit about it - but not enough yet, in my opinion. Imagine the feeling you have when you get a present for your birthday, something you wanted for a long time. Then let's imagine that it is packed in exquisite wrapping paper and that you get it by your favourite Python, eh, person. That equals about the feeling I had when I realised that "Monty Python Live (Mostly)" is also going to be broadcast in one of the cinemas of the city where I live.
And don't come at me with "Uh, they are going to play all those old sketches and nothing new" or "They're old!" or "They're only doing it for the money". Because hell yeah, that's what is going to happen - and I think it's great. They're old, they do it for the money and they are going to play sketches which are at least 40 years old. I look forward to seeing old men in women's clothes, sketches I know by heart and laughing my socks of. I can't wait for Sunday.

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