Saturday, July 28

paul auster

The American Paul Auster is one of my favourite writers. I've already read six of his novels and each one strengthened my enthuiasm for him. Literature, relationships, art, friendship and New York City are the main topics which Auster takes up and varies throughout his work.What I especially love about his novels is his ability to make each one unique though the topics mainly stay the same. The included twists and their originality makes Austers books really worth reading.
Not only does Paul Auster have in my opinion a brilliant writing style but he's also very productive in publishing new books. That's why I wasn't surprised when I read about this year's release of "Winter Journal", two years after his predecessor "Sunset Park" (now also released in German). Auster's new book differs from his other works, because it's not a novel, it's a memoir. The first edition will be released next month. Until then, here's an extract from "Winter Journal", read by the author himself:

Wednesday, July 11