Tuesday, August 13

greetings from freiburg

So much to catch up with! Well, not really that much. But still a lot! I'm still on holiday and will be until the end of Octobre (the glorious life of a student), which is kind of strange, but I think I will get used to it eventually.
Shortly after the exams I visited a friend in Freiburg. The whole area with the Black Forest and mountains is beautiful and we spent some very sunny days there.

 The Münster, the most impressive church in Freiburg.

 Small alleys are characteristic for the old town...
 ...and so are nicely decorated houses.

 A few kilometres on (pretty cool) mountain roads and you are in Neustadt, home of the Titisee.

 The view from the Schlossberg in Freiburg.

The obligatory visit to the beer garden. 

There are many things to explore in Freiburg, apart from the landscape notably the restaurants and some nice shops as well. But we were also very eager to go to France, which is pretty close. Before the departure, we managed to spend an afternoon in the beautiful city of Colmar. (I even could dig out some of my school-French!)

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