Sunday, March 15

plum pie

Finally something food-related again! You just can't live on books alone. Especially on birthdays! It was a friend of mine's birthday yesterday and so she wished for a plum pie, also celebrating the joyous occasion of pi day. You can find the recipe, which was very easy to follow, here. It was even easier than that for me, because I didn't make the custard myself (why make custard if you can buy it everywhere in England?). Also, the recipe requires you make your own custard, but the shortcrust pastry comes out of the fridge... Anyway, here is my attempt to make the pie:

The stoned and sliced plums in our very studenty kitchen.

The recipe says you should add ground cloves to the plums and the sugar, which I did - and instantly felt like Christmas in March. You could also leave out the cloves and add some cinnamon, I suppose.

Shortcut pastry from the fridge is great. I really hope I also get it in Germany - makes life so much easier...

 I just love before and after pictures. 

Next time I have to connect bottom and top better, because the form became naturally bigger in the oven...

...and they seperated themselves again.

But it was still a very delicious pie and I will definitely make it again!

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