Thursday, February 26

good bad literature & boys' weeklies

I can't keep myself from buying books and if there is a bookstore on campus, I am even more in danger of hoarding more and more of them in my tiny room. This time, they even had a 3 for 2 offer on the Penguin Books Great Ideas-edition, so I bought one book that I actually needed and two for fun.

George Orwell: Decline of the English Murder and Books vs. Cigarettes
These other two, The Decline of the English Murder and Books v. Cigarettes, are by George Orwell and they consist of essays which make a very entertaining read. I am nearly done with the first one and by now, I've learned about how to get arrested, what good bad literature is and a lot about boy's weeklies. I especially liked how thoroughly Orwell analyses these cheap stories, which are set in boys' public schools.
The essays are perfect after a long day of uni-reading - funny, not too challenging, but still intelligent. I will write about Books v. Cigarettes (which I've bought not only because of the interesting title, but also because of the appealing cover) as soon as I have read it.

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