Sunday, March 25

somewhere at the end of the rainbow

So, I'm trying to think about a subject I could write about. It couldn't be more obvious, but it took me some time to remember that I spent a lot of time between learning and knitting in the kitchen.
So, let's start with one of my recent baking experiments I made for a friend's birthday:

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As it is plain to see, it's a rainbow cake!
I found this very helpful recipe on the internet, but it's in German. I also found one on Brown Eyed Baker, but I can't guarantee that it works out. Mainly, baking a rainbow cake is about dividing the dough into six parts and dye them with food colouring.

This is in fact the costliest part of making the cake. But all in all it wasn't as complicated as I thought it was.

And the result is quite nice:

After testing Thomas Langens recipe, I think about putting marzipan in every cake I bake. It's just so delicious!

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