Wednesday, September 18

twin peaks

After watching nearly two season of TWIN PEAKS, I'm almost immersed into the world of this American smalltown. Fed by doughnuts and coffee, I am now watching the last three episodes before I have to return the DVDs to the library. 
When I first made the acquaintance of Agent Cooper and the lovely inhabitants of TWIN PEAKS (when the series was broadcast on Arte a while ago), I found it to be quite scary. No surprise, it was created by director David Lynch, master of the strange. But after watching his movie LOST HIGHWAY, TWIN PEAKS isn't that creepy anymore. The series doesn't employ an ordinary crime story, even though it may seem so at first sight. And despite the evil spirits that haunt the town, the amiable characters (Agent Cooper, Major Briggs, Andy, Mr. Lynch himself as Gordon - just to name a few) make the series so much worth watching.

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