Wednesday, May 1


A little while ago, I saw a very promising photo of rainbow cupcakes, made for St. Patrick's Day. As I've already baked a rainbow cake, I said to myself: "How hard can it be?" And the answer is: not hard at all. 
Because the recipe for the cake worked out so well, I decided to use it again. The procedure is more or less the same: deviding the batter into six parts, mixing it with the food colouring and then filling it into the muffin pan. (Later, I realized that the batter for a round spring-clip tin is a bit too much for just 12 cupcakes, but that wasn't a problem: more batter means more cupcakes!)
The cream I chose for the top was a simple cream cheese mixture from Julie Schwobs "Yes We Cook". It is sweet, fresh and doesn't distract from the marzipan taste of the muffins. At first, I thought it would be a challenge to find little rainbows for decorating the cupcakes, but then I stumbled upon these slightly sour, colourful sweets in our supermarket.  




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