Monday, March 18

bacon muffins

Speaking of easy-peasy muffin recipes, here's another one: maple bacon muffins which I found here.
I'm sorry to say that in view of all you vegetarians out there, but I love bacon. And I love muffins, which leads to the natural conclusion of bacon muffins.
The recipe on was very easy to follow and worked out pretty well.

Paper Cups: found at Nanu-Nana.

 The dough may be a bit sticky because of the sirup, but it all works out once you got them into the cups.

 Et fini! Very rich muffins, perfectly suitable for lunch break.


deleila said...

boah sehen die lecker aus! libe grüße leila

Linda said...

Dachte ich mir doch, dass du das bist, Leila ;)
Ich würde die auf jeden Fall wieder machen :)

deleila said...

ja, habe sie mir am smatsag zum geburtstag gewünscht (ich bekomm sowas einfach nicht hin) :D